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Maggie's List Endorsed Candidates WIN BIG in Primaries.  Read Here....

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Maggie's List endorses Kathleen Peters in the FL-13 Special Election.  Read More...

Maggie's List Proudly Endorses Nan Hayworth for New York's 18th Congressional race.  Read More...

Maggie's List Announces Major Event with Governor Jeb Bush Read Here

Maggie's List reaches major milestone - 2,000 "Likes" on Facebook - Read More

March Newsletter - Read Here

Maggie's List Proudly Endorses Shelley Moore Capito (WV-02) for West Virginia's Senate Seat in 2014. Capito has the Guts to End Gridlock and the Experience to Win WV! Read More...

Maggie's List Founder Sandra Mortham Says GOP Must do better with Women-as featured on NewsMax Read more and listen  

Maggie's List Trustee Kay Bailey Hutchison puts her career as a female leader in perspective to The Washington Post. Read More

NewsMax interviews Maggie's List endorsed U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski. Read More...
Read about her win...

Maggie's List Endorsed Candidates Win 19 Seats in U.S. House of Representatives and Senate in 2012 Election as of November 8th. Read more

Conservative PAC Maggie's List looks to expand impact in November-as featured on NewsMax Read More...

Maggie's List Endorses Sarah Steelman for the Open 8th U.S. Congressional District. Read more...

Maggie's List on Fox News "Conservative PAC Maggie's List looks to expand impact in November. Read more...

Maggie’s List Endorses Three Fiscally Conservative Women for U.S. House of Representatives, Leading the Southwest to Renewed Prosperity Read release

Maggie’s List Endorses Sarah Steelman for Missouri’s U.S. Senate Seat, and Ann Wagner for Missouri’s 2nd Congressional U.S House Seat Read Release

Maggie's List Endorses Two Fiscally Conservative Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives Read Release

Maggie’s List Endorses Three Fiscally Conservative New York Women for Congress, Leading the Empire State to Renewed Prosperity Read Release

Maggie’s List Endorses Martha Zoller forGeorgia’s 9th Congressional District Read Release

Maggie's List Endorses 20 Congresswomen for Re-Election!

Maggie's List endorsed candidate Deb Fischer wins Nebraska Primary!

Read More about Deb Fischer...

Support Endorsed Candidate Linda Lingle Today!

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Maggie's List endorses Linda McMahon

Maggie's List endorses Linda Lingle